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The David Connelly Internet Marketing Radio Show : Special Guests

Special Guests

If this show has any value at all then it's all thanks to my glorious guests. They are the best of the best and I'm very grateful for their help. Here they are in order of appearance:

NAME: Professor Mike Zellers
INFO:Professor Mike Zellers' knowledge of the web is extensive and he has many years of experience both within academic circles as well as in the marketplace. He currently teaches software development as well as social media marketing at Lorain County Community College in Ohio.
Website(s): http://lccc-ciss-mzellers.blogspot.com/p/social-media-marketing-class.html

NAME: Thursday Bram
INFO: Thursday Bram is professional writer who specialises in using blogs to promote businesses on the web. Thursday has written for CNET, GigaOm, Lifehack and a variety of other high profile sites.
Website(s): Thursday Brams's website Enhanced Freelance

NAME: Jaime Palmucci
INFO: Jaime is the founder of Debutante Media. She is an expert in blogging as well social media in general. She also happens to be heavily involved in the fashion world and has previously been featured in Glamour Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Women's Wear Daily, TheStreet.com and more.
Website(s): Debutante Media Jaime's Blog

NAME: Dave Hatter
INFO:Dave Hatter is a web developer, speaker, author and social media expert. Over the years he has established himself as being a leading authority in the fields of web development and social media marketing. He is a regular IT expert for Fox TV and from time to time he also lectures at Cincinnati State Technical College.
Website(s): Lebertas Technologies Dave's Blog

NAME: Kent Lewis
INFO: Kent Lewis is an internet marketing heavyweight.  He has exceptional knowledge of search engine optimization as well as social media marketing. He speaks regularly at industry events and has been published in books and publications including DMNews, iMedia Connection, Online Marketing Connect and Portland Business Journal.  He is also an adjunct professor at Portland State University, where he teaches an SEM Workshop.
Website(s): Anvil Media Formic Media Kent's Blog

NAME: Derek McLean
INFO: Derek is co-founder of PlayerReg, an online sports registration system. He is a PHP developer who is a specialist in the Zend framework. I have known Derek since 2004 and over the years we've worked on several projects together. He is the guy who introduced me to the world of PHP frameworks and in my opinion he is one of the best web developers in the UK. He also plays a mean guitar.

NAME: Yavor Kirov
INFO: Yavor is a member of the Insider Club who lives in Bulgaria. He brings over ten years experience as a PHP developer to the table. He is also the co-founder of an online dating website which became popular in Europe.

NAME: Stephan Mischook
INFO: Stephan Mischook has been a commercial web developer since the 90s and is fluent in a variety of programming languages. He is also the founder of the KillerSites network.
Website(s): Killer Video Store, Studio Web

NAME: Lewis Cains
INFO: Lewis Cains is a rising star of the web development world. He currently co-hosts the excellent web development podcast, Three Devs and a Maybe.
Website(s): Three Devs and a Maybe, The Lewis Cains Twitter Account

The State of The Web Development Industry

Thursday 28th of December 2017

Today, I'll be looking back on 2017 and discussing some of the major events of the year - from a web developer's perspective. I'm also going to say a few words about the Coding Phase 'Top 20 Youtube Coding Channels for 2018' poll.


Do you like web development? Me too! Check out my web development blog and swoon with delight over my slightly geeky web development commentary.