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    Web Development (46)

    Friendly advice for anyone who is thinking about becoming a professional web developer

    Are you thinking about starting a career as a professional web developer? Today I'm going to give you some advice which will help you to get off to a good start. Maybe you've just started off as a web developer and you want to make it more than just a hobby. On the other hand, maybe you've already tried your luck at being a professional web developer but for some reason, you haven't enjoyed the success that you deserve. If that's the case then this is the show for you.

    Web development talk with expert PHP developer, Derek McLean

    Today I'm talking web development with expert Zend developer, Derek McClean. I've known Derek for about 9 years, he knows his stuff and he's got some great tips to share with you.

    How to install Windows 8 and Internet Explorer on a Mac for free

    Today Derek McLean will tell how set up Windows 8 and Internet Explorer on a Mac for free and without breaking the law.

    A slightly embarrassing show on the topic of website security

    Today the focus is on website security. I'll be offering advice to any web developers who have an interest in security matters and I'll also outline some of the valuable lessons I've learned very recently on the website security front.

    Future technology of the web

    Today I'm going to discuss future technology of the internet and I'll outline how web development is going to change radically over the next five years.

    Codeigniter vs Laravel vs Symfony2 - sort of

    This was supposed to be a show about Codeigniter vs Laravel vs Symfony2 but there's so much going on right now in the web dev universe that, in the end, I got a little bit side tracked.

    PHP's dirty little secret

    In today's show I'll be talking about web development and specifically about a serious problem which is prevalent across the web development community - particularly the PHP community. I'll be explaining how this problem - which I call the "cycle of death" - is literally putting hundreds of companies out of business and, most importantly, I'll be explaining how you can avoid your own web development nightmare. If you have any kind of IT infrastructure or you are considering hiring a web developer then this could be one of the most important messages you'll hear all year.

    During the show I mention an article which I wrote last year. Here's a link to the article:

    http://davidjconnelly.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/the-best-php-framework-of-2011/ As always, your own comments are feedback are welcome and appreciated.  Thanks!

    Everything you need to know about Wordpress but were afraid to ask

    Today's show is all about the most popular CMS on the planet Earth. I am speaking about Wordpress. Is it something that you should use? Can it help your business? Do I use it? You'll find out here.

    Introducing David's Web Development Club

    A while ago I put some web development tutorials on YouTube. The feedback has blown me away so I've decided to set up a new network of elite web development enthusiasts. I hope you'll join us.

    It's hard not to be a plonker when you're as good as me

    More news, views, and ranting from the glorious world of web development and internet marketing.

    It's Time to Learn Symfony2

    It's difficult to discuss web development without being drawn into the "what is the best PHP framework?" debate. So, today I'll be putting the case that this is a great time to learn Symfony2.

    PHP framework showdown : Codeigniter vs Laravel vs Symfony2 vs Zend2 vs Yii

    As you may know, there's been a lot of change across the PHP community over the last six months. So, today I'm going to be talking about web development and I'll be doing a PHP framework showdown. It's going to be Codeigniter vs Laravel vs Symfony2 vs Zend2 vs Yii. Which PHP framework is the best? Lend me your ears and I'll tell you what I think.

    The Case For Codeigniter

    Today I'd like to put the case that the Codeigniter framework is still an outstanding choice for anyone who has an interest in commercial web development. I'll be saying all of this whilst being mindful of Laravel, Symfony2 and Zend2.

    The best PHP framework

    Today I'm joined by PHP developer and fellow Insider Club member Yavor Kirov. He's been doing some research and today he's going to tell us what he reckons is the best PHP framework.

    David answers your web development questions

    Today I'm going to answer some web development questions which have been recently posted on the DCRN website.

    The Insider Club Website is Open!

    I'm pleased to declare that the new Insider Club website is now officially open. I hope you'll check it out.

    Why I switched from a Mac to a PC

    Today I'm going to explain why I have switched from a Mac back to a PC. I'm also going to discuss Veet Men's Hair Removal Cream.

    More web development news and views from around the world

    You are hereby invited to come to our new Insider Club discussion forum. I'm also going to explain how the DCRN generates revenue without having any sponsors and without selling anything at all. It's a business model that you can use too!


    Moment ago Ellislab announced that they are giving up the Codeigniter framework. This is by far the biggest story to hit the web development community this year. Join me and I'll give you my reaction.

    Reaction to Ellislab's announcement

    Ellislab have announced that they are seeking a new owner for the Codeigniter framework. In this show I'll be giving you my reaction and I'll be giving advice to Codeigniter developers who are wondering 'What now?'

    Win my electric guitar plus a thousand dollars!

    I was just putting out an another show today when suddenly I had a cool idea.

    What web developers can learn from Toyota

    Have you ever wondered what Toyota can teach you about professional web development? If you're interested in building bullet proof web applications then the answer is quite a lot.

    Can you use PHP to win at the casino?

    Today I'm going to be asking if it's possible to use your web development skills to beat online casinos.

    You don't need a web development company to have a web development company

    In today's show I'll be putting the case that people are more interested in buying from other people than from companies, particularly in the field of web development.

    My Git Meltdown

    Yesterday I had a disaster with Git and almost lost about two months worth of work. Today I'll be discussing what happened and I'll also be dishing out some information relating to the Insider Club.

    Maybe you should learn CakePHP

    Today I'll be putting forth the proposition that this could be a good time to think about switching to CakePHP, especially if you're a type II web developer.

    How to get paid for learning about web development

    Today I'm going to reveal how you can earn a living from learning about web development. I'll also offer some advice on how to teach web development technologies in a way which other people will find interesting and engaging.

    Could CakePHP benefit from the downfall of CodeIgniter?

    In this show I'm going to put the case that CakePHP is a more natural choice for defecting CodeIgniter developers than Laravel. I'll also be predicting a dramatic increase in demand for good CakePHP developers.

    Five tips for a great year of web development

    Hey web developers, here's five tips which will help you to enjoy a great year of commercial web development success.

    The State of the PHP Community with Stephan Mischook

    Today we're joined by special guest host Stef Mischook from Killer PHP. He's going to be discussing the general state of the PHP community and, in particular, offering some good advice for any developers who aren't sure which PHP framework to turn to.

    The PHP Renaissance

    Today I'm dishing out everything that you need to know about the PHP Renaissance. I'll be discussing what it means and I'll be fitting it into the context of the general web development community.

    When they don't pay

    It can happen to the best of us. You land a gig. You do the work. You do your best. Everything looks fine. Then, out of the blue, the client won't pay. In this episode, I'll explain how web developers can survive and thrive, when 'they' don't pay.

    The Insider Club Inner Circle

    Today I'm proud to announce an exciting new feature for the Insider Club website at www.insiderclub.org. It's called the Inner Circle. If are a professional web developer then this has the potential to electrify your business.

    Embrace The Horror

    Error messages. Broken servers. Unreasonable customers. More error messages. Low paid gigs. Impossible deadlines. I love it all and so should you!

    The State of The Web Hosting Industry

    Today I'm out on the road and I'll be discussing the state of the web hosting industry. I'm also going to give you my response to the Ukraine situation along with some other items from the news.

    Can smart drugs make you a better developer? Part 2

    Here is part two on our series which asks the question, 'Can smart drugs make you a better developer?'

    Friendly Advice From A Retiring Web Developer

    This is the last time that you'll hear me talking about web development here at the DCRN. After this broadcast goes out the DCRN will cease to be a web development show.

    Web Development Words of Wisdom from Lewis Caines

    Today we're joined by Lewis Cains from Three Devs and a Maybe. He'll be discussing his unusual pathway into the web development universe and giving some sound advice on matters to do with learning resources, software and best practices.

    Codeigniter has a new owner. Hurrah! Boo!

    Codeigniter has a new owner. It's big news for the web development community and here is my reaction.

    Can smart drugs like Modafinil make you a better developer?

    Ever since watching the film Limitless, back in 2011, I've been wondering if there's a drug that can make you a better developer. So, I got a hold of a bunch of different smart drugs and...

    The web development community has gone mad and I am the cure!

    It has been a long time since I've put something out. To be honest, I thought I had finished talking about web development. However, there has been a vergence in the Force. So I'm back and I'm on a mission of mercy.

The State of The Web Development Industry

Thursday 28th of December 2017

Today, I'll be looking back on 2017 and discussing some of the major events of the year - from a web developer's perspective. I'm also going to say a few words about the Coding Phase 'Top 20 Youtube Coding Channels for 2018' poll.


Do you like web development? Me too! Check out my web development blog and swoon with delight over my slightly geeky web development commentary.