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    Philosophy and Productivity (35)

    The Law of Attraction VS The Imaginary Drill Instructor

    Are you interested in investigating behavioural patterns which attract wealth? Me too! So, today I'm inviting you to join me in participating in a bold new experiment. It's a battle of philosophies and I'm going to be putting "The Law of Attraction" (sometimes called The Secret) head to head against an opposing philosophy which I'm calling "The Imaginary Drill Instructor". This is going to be good!

    Your brain is the most powerful computer in the world!

    Tony Robbins once said that 'Your brain is the most powerful computer in the world - the trouble is, it didn't come with a manual.' I agree! So, with that in mind I'll be continuing my discussion on how to maximise productivity and - for want of a better word - luck. I'm speaking, of course, about my great experiment - The Law of Attraction VS The Imaginary Drill Instructor.

    I'm also going to talk politics today and without forcing any particular viewpoint upon anyone, I'm going to highlight some concerns I have that the mainstream media are not as unbiased as they might appear to be - especially when it comes to the problems of the Middle East.

    Don't be a hard working idiot!

    This is the message that I needed to hear from someone fifteen years ago.

    Educate Yourself!

    I believe that the key to you escaping the rat race is education - not self help/spiritual type education or even academic education, but professional "real world" educational. Today I want to clarify what that means and I want to invite you to embark on a course of self education. Follow my advice and you'll end up with a wealth of knowledge which will directly and immediately improve the quality of your life.

    The Greatest Documentary I've Ever Seen

    The other day I watched a documentary and it blew my mind. I want you to watch it. I guarantee this will change the way you think about the world and it will show you how things are really set up. The documentary was shown on BBC1 (hardly a radical TV station). Please watch it.

    <iframe width="390" height="219" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/aURJ9GRpmo4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    For you folks who are eager to get some good content relating to internet marketing, I'd recommend checking out these articles which were recently posted by Kent Lewis:

    The 9 dumbest ways to measure social media


    Turn Website Visitors into Customers via Conversion Optimization http://www.business2community.com/online-marketing/turn-website-visitors-into-customers-via-conversion-optimization-0329212

    5 Digital Trends You Need to Embrace http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/32763.asp

    The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing on YouTube http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/32406.asp

    Goodbye Internet Marketing - Hello Web Development

    I have decided to say goodbye to the internet marketing universe and hello to the web development universe. In this show I'll be explaining why I've fallen out of love with internet marketing and also the reasons behind my decision to focus more on web development from now onwards. Also, have you ever had someone approach you and ask if you'll go into business with them? Today I'll be giving you some tips which will help you to respond to those kinds of offer intelligently and with your best interests at heart.

    It's time to get out of debt

    Today I'm going to offer you a money management plan which will help you to get out of debt and stay out.

    Boost Your Productivity With Negative Space

    Today I'm going to share a simple but powerful technique which could help you to dramatically boost your productivity. I'm also going to outline how a few lines of simple PHP code could make your business skyrocket.

    Who are you going to listen to?

    Your time is precious and it's important for you not to waste your valuable time listening to people who don't know what they're talking about. In this slightly paranoid rant I'd like to spend some time dealing with the question, 'Who are you going to listen to?'

    Another miserable goal setting workshop

    Today we're goal setting with a little help from one of my favourite self help gurus, Brian Tracy. I'll also be discussing 'Get the Vibe' by Melissa Moraja and 'Whole Brian Power' by Michael Lavery. You're also discover why the number 3000 is critical for website owners.

    Powerful job interview techniques - Part 1

    If you are a web developer who is trying to find work then I think today's show could really help you. Today I'll be revealing - for the first time - a unique and powerful system that I have developed for doing well at job interviews.

    Powerful job interview techniques - Part 2

    Here is part 2 on my job interview techniques series. This is especially for anyone who would like to be hired for high paid IT jobs. The system is perfect for web developers, website designers, social media experts and search engine gurus.

    The Web of Awesomeness

    How to send SMS text messages over the web for free. How to get hired without having a CV. How to establish yourself as an authority within your community. It's all here and much more.

    Web Developers : work faster and boost your productivity

    Today I'm dishing out some advice for the web developers. So, in this one you'll learn how to work much faster and boost your overall productivity. Lives shall be changed!

    The Insider Club Website is Open!

    I'm pleased to declare that the new Insider Club website is now officially open. I hope you'll check it out.

    Why I switched from a Mac to a PC

    Today I'm going to explain why I have switched from a Mac back to a PC. I'm also going to discuss Veet Men's Hair Removal Cream.

    What web developers can learn from Toyota

    Have you ever wondered what Toyota can teach you about professional web development? If you're interested in building bullet proof web applications then the answer is quite a lot.

    Five tips for a great year of web development

    Hey web developers, here's five tips which will help you to enjoy a great year of commercial web development success.

    Get a Campaign Mindset

    Today's show is about what I happen to believe is the key difference between website owners who make fortunes and those who don't. Campaign mindset.

    It's time to stop participating in technology wars

    Within the last couple of years there's been a lot of heated debate about what the best web technologies are. This message is for anyone who has participated in those kinds of conversations or indeed anyone who has embraced negative vibes online.

    Embrace The Horror

    Error messages. Broken servers. Unreasonable customers. More error messages. Low paid gigs. Impossible deadlines. I love it all and so should you!

    Can smart drugs make you a better developer? Part 2

    Here is part two on our series which asks the question, 'Can smart drugs make you a better developer?'

    Can smart drugs like Modafinil make you a better developer?

    Ever since watching the film Limitless, back in 2011, I've been wondering if there's a drug that can make you a better developer. So, I got a hold of a bunch of different smart drugs and...

    Self Help vs Self Education

    As the year draws to a close I'd like to spend a little time discussing some ideas that might be useful for next year.

The State of The Web Development Industry

Thursday 28th of December 2017

Today, I'll be looking back on 2017 and discussing some of the major events of the year - from a web developer's perspective. I'm also going to say a few words about the Coding Phase 'Top 20 Youtube Coding Channels for 2018' poll.


Do you like web development? Me too! Check out my web development blog and swoon with delight over my slightly geeky web development commentary.