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    Adwords Magic

    Today I'm going to tell you precisely how - earlier on this year - I managed to pull in £9,000 (over 14 thousand US dollars!) worth of business PER WEEK by spending just ten pounds per day on Google Adwords. If you're an Adwords user or you're in any way interested in Adwords then I gurantee that this show will change the way you think about Adwords for ever.

    I warn you in advance that some of the stuff I'll be discussing today will be rather technical. So, to get the most from this I need you to be totally focussed. This episode is 51 minutes long and it's not easy listening.

    So, if you've got your thinking cap on, hit the play button and together let's nail Google Adwords - once and for all.


Merry Christmas you crazy rock and rollers!

Sunday 25th of December 2016

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.


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