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About David Connelly

About David Connelly (aka, 'me')

DECLARATIONAL VIBE: I'd like to keep the focus of the show on the guests as much as possible. They are the real experts - not me. As for me? Well, I just work here. However, since you're here and on this page I guess I might as well pretend I know what I'm talking about and say a few words about my background. Here goes nothing...


I'm a web developer.  I've been living and breathing the web since I was a teenager back in 1995. As far as I'm aware I was one of the very first commercial PHP developers in the UK. I'm not the best web developer in the world but I like to think I'm one of the fastest.

Over the years I've built literally hundreds of websites. Some of them failed miserably but many of them have gone on to become rather successful. Around 2006 I noticed that many of the sites I was building seemed to be getting to the top (or at least very near the top) of search engines like Google and Yahoo. I was enjoying top three rankings for phrases like "web development", "website repairs", "website maintenance" and even "web hosting". Eventually some other people noticed that I was getting high rankings for really good phrases and before I knew what hit me I was earning more money from search engine optimisation than from web development.

As I write, I'd say about 80% of my personal income comes from search engine optimisation.  However, the vast majority of my time is spent building web applications.  It's something that I enjoy doing and I suppose I'll always being doing it as long as I'm able to.   I'd like to stress that beyond the realms of web development and search engine optimisation I'm pretty clueless.

My hope for this website is that I can beam some good vibes into the universe by dishing out some of the best of what I've learned over the years.  I'm also very excited at the prospect of interviewing some of the very best internet marketing people on this side of the galaxy.  If I put out good stuff then I know I'll be okay.  

I'm not here to sell anything.  I have nothing to sell.  As far as my work goes, my goal is basically to leave the web in a better state than it was in before I arrived.  If I can do that then I'm sure I'll be alright. So, thank you for being here and for reading this far! I'll see you at the next grand bash!





Education: Glasgow University (1995 to 2000) Info: picked up a degree in philosophy and English Literature. Had lots of deep thoughts about delivering pizzas.

Actually, who cares about that rubbish? Let's talk about something important. Here's three claims to fame:

Claim To Fame #1: Was a roadie for U2 during the Zoo TV tour.

Claim To Fame #2: Can teach anyone how to sing like David Bowie.

Claim To Fame #3: Got fired on my first day working at a newspaper firm. Reason: paper allergy.

You still here? I'm surprised you made it this far. Okay, I'll finish up with some delusional favourite things.

  • Favourite Film: Star Wars (of course!)
  • Favourite Music Artist/Band: Europe
  • Favourite Actor: Stan Laurel
  • Favourite Book: The autobiography of Andrew Carnegie (badly written but full of clues about how the universe works)
  • Favourite Political Quote: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country
  • Favourite Favourite: The one about the book